Cancer Choices


I’d like to do some volunteering with Cancer Choices. How do I get involved?

Cancer Choices can offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities. If you’re interested in getting involved please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Dun Ard House for further details.

What can I expect if I contact Cancer Choices?

Because all our staff and volunteers have firsthand experience of the Cancer journey you can be sure you’ll be greeted warmly, treated with the utmost respect and everything will be dealt with in total confidence.

We know that everyone and their circumstances are different.  For that reason we take time to explain all our services and discuss what suits you best.

What sort of services do Cancer Choices offer?

We offer a wide range of support services from Welfare & Benefits advice through to Complementary Therapies such as Reflexology and Aromatherapy.  In addition we can provide Counselling sessions, 1 to 1 support and self-management programs.  We also have a bra-fitting service and offer a range of bras, nightwear and swimwear.

Throughout the year, we also offer a variety of courses and programs.  Please look out for regular updates via the web and our newsletter.

If you’d like to find out more about what we can do and how we can help, please contact us at Dun Ard House.

I’m not from Dungannon. Can I still access the services?

Yes.  Although we’re based in Dungannon, all our services are freely available to anyone affected by cancer, no matter where they’re from.

I don’t have Cancer, but someone in my family does. Can I still access the services?

Yes. Our services are available to anyone who has been affected by cancer. This could be a patient, a carer or a family member.

How much do the services cost?

That’s easy. They’re all free.