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In 2006 Madeleine Mulgrew cancer patient and founder member of Cancer Choices received the first ever UK “MACMILLAN VICKY CLEMENT JONES AWARD” Vicky Clement-Jones was given just three months to live after being diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer. In fact, she went on to survive for five years – long enough to establish Cancer-backup in 1985 and ensure its success. Macmillan and Cancer-backup merged in 2008 to provide the best cancer information for everyone. The Vicky Clement-Jones Award is for volunteers who have or had cancer themselves, and who give their time to make a major difference to the lives of other people with cancer.

Cancer Choices provide early detection and prevention information packs at public and private cancer awareness events including schools colleges universities and community groups

Cancer choices are the lead partners in a cancer awareness international educational, shared skills and expertise program in association with Tiltas Trust (TTT) , British Lithuanian Society and Vilnius University. Cancer Choices have recently been awarded honorary membership in recognition of 10 years of international information and educational training in Lithuania.